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Mats Jørgen Sivertsen

Hi! I'm Mats and I'm the man behind Loon Land. I'm an Oslo based visual artist with a passion for comics, which I've been making all my life. I have had a couple of publications out in Norwegian: "Regarding Tombo" (2001, No Comprendo Press) and "The Complaint" (2002, No Comprendo Press).

From 2003-2005 I worked on a graphic novel called "Just King". This is a 80 page sprawling piece about freedom of speech, liberty, capitalism and xenophobia that I self-published in 2012.
Read more about Just King.

From 2006 to 2011 I took a break from comics and concentrated on various new media art projects.

In 2011 I started creating Loon Land, but it didn't launch on the web and the App Store until March 2013.

My favourite web comics:

XKCD. Nerd heaven.
Hyperbole and a Half. Girl heaven.
Oglaf. Dirty, funny and sexy.
Moonbeard. Idiosyncratic.
Pandyland. Weird and surprising fun.
Community Channel. Not a comic though, but so great.

Read more about me here.